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Respite care needs careful thought, research and consideration before choosing a home you can trust. Badminton Place is a luxurious, new build complex in Bristol offering respite care. Individuals that may benefit from taking up respite care include those who may be recovering from surgery or have a long-term condition that requires specific nursing and support. 


We know that caring for our loved ones can be incredibly rewarding and life-affirming, but at times it can also be stressful and worrying. Respite gives carers and family members the opportunity to recharge their batteries and for those that are being looked after, it provides a much-needed change of environment and experience that can have positive effects.


What are the benefits of choosing respite care at Badminton Place?  


If you are considering residential care, it's an opportunity to experience life at Badminton Place before committing:


Spending time with our staff, using the five-star facilities and experiencing our luxurious new-build complex first-hand, is the best way to see all the benefits, and opportunities that a more permanent move will offer. 




One of the most important aspects of respite care is the opportunity to meet and get to know new people. Whether it be our experienced and friendly staff or some of our residents, you can be assured of a friendly welcome in an environment that was designed for social interaction.


Our staff:


Our nursing team are trained and thoroughly experienced in dealing with a wide range of common medical conditions experienced by the older population. We implement responsive and individualised care packages, and nothing is too much trouble.


Renewed energy:


Ensuring carers are in the best health possible, is as important as the wellbeing of those that they care for. A respite care stay at Badminton Place offers the opportunity for a carer to reclaim some time, and to focus their attention in other areas of their life. It also helps to revitalise the relationship between the concerned parties. 


Care Quality Commission Rating of Badminton Place Care Home

*Last report published 29/04/2022

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